Samantha the I, am the Oochihuahua and my name is Samantha, a proud Mexican Chihuahua. My family calls me Sammi, but my Daddy calls me Oochihuahua. When he plays with me, he always gets me all excited by saying "OOCHIIIIHUUAAA...HUAA" in a silly voice. Then I lick his face a lot and wag my tail as fast as I can. Come over here and I'll lick your face too! It's not easy being the boss of my brothers and sister, but somebody's gotta do it ... and that puppy is me ... Sammi, the "Oochihuahua"!


Happy Sammi, the OochihuahuaSammi, the happy go-lucky "Oochihuahua" loves to play hide and seek. Especially with big brother Teal'c, the World's Largest MinPin. She's always crawling under something to take a siesta too. And as you'll notice ... the tail is always waggin'!
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